Linda G3, a Love Story Renewed.


When I met Hart Larsson from PXL Creations back in 2007, he just released Crys, but a that time I was more interested in the skin he made before that, Linda. With her particular mouth shape and eyebrows, Linda was quite an outstanding skin that you could easily recognise. Pretty soon  after that he updated the body on Linda and released Linda 2, which was in the shop until now, but time has not stood still, and with every new skin, the bodies became better and more refined.

So last year, Hart told me he was going to work on an update on Linda, and I must admit, I was a bit worried about that. As beautiful as she was in 2008, we were then late 2010, and the current standards are so high, but the end result is absolutely stunning!

Linda is now available in 4 skin tones, natural, sunkissed, light tan and tan, and will be released in pale and dark during the upcoming skin fair. As usual there are tons of options. 3 eyebrows, full body freckles on the 2.0 tattoo layer, hairbases and cleavage options, 15 lip colours and 15 eye shadow options on the tattoo layer (available separately).

Other need to knows: Hair Lotte by Maitreya, lingerie Amy by Insolence

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