Lily V1 is out @ Belleza now


Way too long after the pre release for the skin addiction event a few weeks ago, Mr, Tricky Boucher has finally released his Lily V1 at Belleza. I was in love with V2 already, but V1 fits me even better.
There are some subtle variations between the V2 that was released earlier this year and the just now released V1, which yet can make quite the difference on one’s shape.

V2, to the left, is a natural blonde and has fuller lips than V1, while V1 has more freckles and is a natural red head. The body on the 2 Lily versions is the same and gorgeous as ever.

Lily v1 is now available in 20 make ups and 5 skin tones. See below pic for a compilation of the make ups. NB, the comparison above, and the pic below are non edited photos.

Visit Belleza to try on Lily for yourself


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