LeLutka’s Kit


LeLutka’s Kit is among my latest skin faves. Once I tweaked my shape to get rid of the spoiled princess pout which the skin had on my “default”shape (duh… as if I still have one… ), this gorgeous girly  face became instantaneously mine!

This edition of Lelutka skins is available in 5 matte skin tones (no grease, YAY!) and 7 make ups each (plus a base skin). Also Kit comes with a hairbase version. No additiona; lipstick tattoos for this  release, but maybe those will be added to the collection later.

Although above pic is hardly post processed, with the windlight settings, it doesn’t actually show the skin very well, so below you will see a selection of totally not edited pics of Kit in Razin.

Please remember that the appearance of a skin on your avatar is also the result of how skin and shape work together. Always try a demo first before deciding on a skin purchase!

Taxi to LeLutka

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