Lelutka's Estelle


Well… a few weeks after Oksana and Jade, the first skins in the new Eclat line from Lelutka, came out, last weekend Minnu has released Estelle. And whereas neither Oksana nor Jade made me really happy, Estelle immediately screamed “Grab fat pack now!” to me as soon as the vendors rezzed. So I indulged myself and got the ultra fatpack in the light skintone. Estelle is also better priced than Oksana, at 1190 for a single skin vs 1500 for a single Oksana. Fatpacks retail for little over 5k in most skintones (7 make ups  + base skin), and around 7k for the big  fatpack for the light skintone (12 make ups + base skin) so they are a pretty good deal.

I’m still not feeling like writing a lot, probably because I tend to do a lot of that in RL already, but I will tell you that about everything in this skin is so much more appealing to me than in Oksana, maybe it is because the shading of the skin works better with the enhanced skin tone… but she looks just over all smoother and softer, a characteristic which I really love in a skin.

I noticed Gogo last week posting a preview and having some issues with the blonde brows in Estelle. Personally I don’t have that issue, at least not as extreme as it seems on Gogo. I think it is a matter of shape (size of the brow in the head features, as well as the general shape of the head and how the brow shape baldie works with that) so I’ve posted a pic of the various skin tones using the blonde brows. You’ll notice that, due to the slightly changed skin tones, the cleavage enhancers for Oksana will not work for Estelle, but Lelutka has new ones out for Estelle as well.

Last but not least I want to share the beautiful make ups of the light skin tone with you ladies. Which one do you like best?

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