Lelutka's Eclat, a Review


Usually when I review a skin, I focus on what I like and will hint on flaws as a buyer beware. Like I’ve stated many times before, I blog for my own fun, and if I get all cranky from trying on a skin, I rather not blog it instead of being all bitchy on this webspot.

This will be a little different. A Lelutka new skin release divides the fashionista community. Either you love it, or you hate it, for various reasons, and to be honest, ladies, we’re not the most civil breed when it is about Lelutka skins. Various blunt to downright rude plurks were posted about this new release over the weekend. I’ve tried a demo, and I was not sold. But when I read Minnu made a special make up for the Typhoon relief, I went to pick that one up before  yesterday was over, since it was only available yesterday til midnight.

So, what to do with a skin that not immediately appeals to me, but so many people have an opinion on… it’s skin review time, and I intend to list exactly what I like and like not so much in this skin.

First of all, since most people think it’s the most important thing in a skin, the face:

I think the dark hair base is well done, but I’m not so fond of the blond one. It looks a bit frizzy to me, and the template seams show more on the blonde than on the dark scalp.

Maybe the most commented feature on this skin are the eyebrows. I remember long ago I was complaining to Aradia about the overly plucked eyebrows, and how I hoped Minnu would make them more up to date and more natural looking. Well… she may have a little exaggerated with the brow’s on Eclat. There is a difference between “au naturel” eye brows, and “never seen a tweezer in their life” Especially the dark eyebrows could use a little grooming, but all in all, I like the shape of the dark eyebrows better than the shape of the blond brows. Also, I would have loved to see the blonde brows less reddish, but that’s a personal taste.

A lot of people have also lashed out at the nose of this skin. And probably with good reason, since most avatars tend to have quite pinchy noses in my honest opinion, and Lelutka skins are generally known for having thin noses already. Yes, the highlights on the nose are a bit odd, but if you have a normal nose shape, I think the nose looks quite allright.

I’m not a big fan of the philtrum, which is too glossy for me. It reminds me of the shiny upper lip of the gen2 or 3 skins, but oh dear… do I love the mouth!!!! I seriously think this is one of the most luscious, sweet mouths around atm (although it looks better on  thinner lips than on the full lips and über pouty shapes you see on a lot of avatars.

The tendons on the neck are a bit of a weak feature in this skin and a huge contrast with the clavicles which look very good and realistic to me. Which brings us to the body… pics after the cut

There is a gradient from the feet up to the neck which irks me. It took me a bit before I saw what it was, but the legs are more desaturated than the torso. It may not show very well in these pictures, but with caliah’s windlight settingn in world, which I usually apply when I’m reviewing skins, it is quite obvious. That being said, the highlights on the legs are quite good, leaving the skin looking well moisturised.  I do like the torso, both the front and the back, although the shoulderblades are those of a very skinny woman while the rest of the skin looks like there is a little meat on the bones. I do wonder about the highlight in the cleft between the breasts. the purpose of highlight, lays within the word… it lights the high parts (of the body in this case) and sorry, but the cleft between the breast, simply is not high, it’s low.  I’ve been checking some references on the net, to see if glitter body lotion can have such  an effect, but no, at best it’s a neutral bit of skin, not too dark, but certainly not highlighted, unless you use body oil, but then the rest of the skin is not oily enough. Yes, I’m silly like that, once I focus these things, I can’t let go.

Last but not least, I’m not too fond about the feet or the hands. The nails on the hands are quite white, and the hands look a bit old, compared to the rest of the skin. The feet look way too photo’ed to match the rest of the skin.

So.. is it hate, or is it love? Good question. It’s not a skin I love, there are too many things in it that I feel a bit meh about. But it’s no hate, at all. I think the skin fits my shape quite well, even when I think that a lot of people will have to seriously adjust their shape to bring out the best in this skin, because it’s not easy on shapes, even if it’s less shaded than Lelutka’s previous skins. I just don’t think it’s worth the price of 1500 L$ for a single skin (with dark & blonde brows, hair bases and freckle versions).

I hope, after all the indiscriminate comments of the past weekend, this review contributes to see this skin in a more balanced way. It may not the best skin ever made (which is highly personal anyway) but it’s certainly not the worst either!

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  1. Oh I wanted to love this skin… but the brows perplexed me. No matter what I did on the demo I could not get the imminent unibrow to go away. I do love the mouth though, like you said! It’s awesome and luscious. Great review 🙂

  2. Thank you for doing a nice review with honest opinions. I tried the demo and unfortunately the bright highlight on the philtrum did me in :(. I didn’t really notice it in most of the photos I’ve seen floating about but in world it was all I could see. It definitely has a nice mouth though!

  3. Ok, I will admit that I’m not a Lelutka skin fan. I think they look nice on some..but, on me Ive never been able to tweek Wilma’s face to make the skins look pretty on her. I did accomplish it somewhat with the previous London set. As for this one…I’ll just take my grandma’s advice to me as a child…”if you can’t say anything nice..don’t say anything at all”…I just don’t care for the skin. The lips are pretty..that’s about it for me. I want to like them…I just don’t see it.

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