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Hart’s newest skin July, which will premiere on Vanity Universe’s skin fair today(12 pm slt), has quite a history already. I remember him showing me the first concept shortly after the release of Kim, early July 2009 (yes, she has this name for a reason). Hart had this idea of making the skin higher contrast, but without making it look hard or flat, or even worse, tacky. So again a lot of experimenting started, beta after beta….. and then it became silent around July.

There was plenty going on over at PXL: Hart has moved his shop to its own island, and has been developing a new vendor system, which is low prim, and low lag. I’m still pretty much in awe with it. For a skinner, prim limits can become an issue fast. Go figure… one skin line with 5 skin tones and around 40 make up options and fat packs and demos adds easily up to 220 prims. With the current system this is drastically reduced to only 3 or 4 prims per product line. With all advantages that come with that. But also, there are some nifty build in features, such as the possibility to create your own (discounted) fat packs or the possibility to automatically give your group members a discount and to send content as a gift. And did I mention these vendors are low lag as well? Oh well, back to skins, because how these vendors work precisely is still a mystery to me. If you want to know more, I suggest you drop Hart Larsson a notecard in world.

Anyway… a couple of weeks ago, Hart told me out of the blue that he had finished July and that she would be released at Vanity Universe’s skin fair.  And this new skin is yet again, more smooth, and realistic than the previous lines at PXL Creations. I challenge you to find a seam, other than the itsy bitsy tiny one between two of the fingers. That is such an annoying bit of mesh, that I’m surprised there aren’t more there. The textures are all ultra clean, no smudges or blotches whatsoever.  The over all result is just stunning.

[EDIT] When Hart read about the seam I have spotted between the fingers he was like.. “wtf.. I checked them all… can’t be!!!!” and indeed… I take the pictures with Caliah’s windlight settings, and there actually is a little rendering bug when you use windlight. On any of the default lightings, the hands are absolutely seamless.

As usual, Hart offers 5 eye make ups on 8 different lips, and shown here below, 1 special eye make up per lipstick colour (spring line)

Hart, congratulations, you managed to surprise me yet again!

Other assets: Hair Yvonne by Truth, lingerie Striped by Dutch Touch, shoes by Maitreya

PS: the skin tones Dark and Tan will be out hopefully next week. There was not enough time to do all the uploads

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