Jejune, Très Delish!


The other week, Juliette Westerburg from Très Blah finally released her new skin and it was love at first sight! She’s been teasing us with plurks and working on it forever, but the end result is just folders full of handdrawn delight!  Jejune is available in 4 skintone, from a very pale porcelainish tone to a yummy milky chocolate one. I fatpacked on the light skintone, and then bought some more of the dark and the tan ones, for diversity.

So, what’s so loveable about this skin that I’ve been wearing it non stop for more than a week (sounds stupid, but that’s REALLY long for me). First of all, look at that face. The delicate traits, the beautiful make ups (shown below). Jejune works amazingly well with my default shape and I really like not having to tweak my shape sometimes. The body is beautifully drawn, with a subte shading and soft muscle tone.

Limbs like hands and feet as well as the nipples lack some detailing, they are rather basic, but on this skin, I don’t find that disturbing.  Some of you may have an issue with the total  lack of lady bits. but you can always scroll the marketplace for uhm… prim parts? *grins* Or keep just your panties on because the alternative is not likely to look any better anyway.

Jejune has 10 different make ups, 2 different eyebrows in 3 different colours (except for the dark skintone which only has the dark eyebrows) Freckles come on the 2.0 tattoo layer

Other need to knows: Hair Penny in latte by Truth, Allure eyes blue 3 by L.Fauna, lashes by Magika and lingerie Oleanka by Luxuria (50 L$ friday item, the Luxuria brand has not yet been officially launched)

Visit Très Blah in Tableau for the skins

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