It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (mandatory X-massy title)

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“Hey Graz… what do you want for your birthday?” Well dear people, since my birthday is in December, and it’s always a bad bad month for me -too much stress, social interaction oveload and generally overwhelmed from around mid November on- I desperately ask for January… but I am never getting it early. 

I am the person at your Christmas table who will be silent, with half a smile, wondering why she didn;t have the guts (once again) to just cancel and choose mental health over sociability and filling other people’s expectations. After all, nobody wants to be the Grinch, right?

And neither do I, but dang… Can December just be over already? I have daily migraines, all my muscles hurt because all of my body is super tense, i have insomnia so I am dragging myself through the days and yeah, I’m not productive at all, especially not on this blog. And did I mention hot flashes? Yes, I am THAT old!

Sorry peeps… but I just don’t have it in me. /end depression rant


And then the angels at LeLutka decide to release not 1, but 3 new heads just before Christmas! Honestly, this makes my month!
Meet Piper (the redhead above) Vera, the blonde right here, and Aida, the brunette down below. 

How pretty are these ladies with their dedicated Glam Affair skins? They will be released today, December 22, but I have no ETA in terms of SLT. 

These heads have been tinkered with, in terms of adjusting the skeleton so that it’s easier to play with the sliders and personalize. They all come with a dedicated shape, but loving diversity, the LeLutka team encourages everyone to make their faces and bodies unique!


If you want to be the first to know once these beauties get released, join the LeLutka update group in world!

UPDATE: I was just playing with a couple of different skins on Aida… she’s pretty versatile as you can see. Images untouched, all 5 with the same shape (and eyebrow shape) 

Versatility (Aida)

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