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It’s been a while since I posted a proper skin review, but when last week I tried on Glam Affair’s new skin Eva, I knew it was time again. I have not always been fond of Glam Affair and previously, Beauty Avatar, but their latest skins are really striking and they are pretty flawless. I also find them more shape friendly than their older skins, so these are really worth a try.

Now, above pic is obviously edited, the following , are not.  Eva comes in 5 skintones, and I’m particularly fond of the dark one. A lot of brands go orange on their darker tones, but Aida Ewing manages to keep it slightly desaturated without making it look grey and the effect is one of smooth chocolate. Yes, you can tell I’m a fan. Sue me. 10 Make ups, from soft and demure to over the top and in your face, but is you buy a make up, you’ll also get a clean version of the skin. So for 999L$ a single, you actually get 2 skins and a number of eyebrow and pubic hair options as well as a set of eyes, which are pretty, but not my taste.

I’m sticking with the darkest tone for the review of the body. It just shows the features so well. The skin is well blended, there are hardly any seams to be found, and certainly no disturbing ones. The body is toned, but not muscular, which I like a lot. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, a woman’s body is soft by nature.  I don’t like seeing a six pack on a woman’s stomach, it scares me.  Basically there is nothing I don’t find appealing to this skin, but if I had any influence on the development of this skin, I would have preferred not to draw in the 2 visible ribs. I love this face also on a bit fuller shape, but then the ribs will look just off.

Breast and bum shading is wonderful, and I love a well done spine, and Eva has it.  She also has nicely buffed nails and well done knees and elbows.  Go try a demo, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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