Iki's Moon


Iki Ikarus has been busy… after a hiatus from SL, she has been working on skins again. This is Moon. Unlike most of the skins currently being released, where photo realism, no, ultra realism seems to be the trend, Iki opts for hand drawn smoothness. No varicose veines, no cellulitis and no t-zone issues for Moon. Moon comes in 5 skintones in the light/medium complexion range.  4 of which I’m wearing in the make up collage, and the 5th is used in the body shots. Moon has the loveliest lips, most of them in the soft pink shades that Iki is known of and which make such a cute contrast with her urban cloting collection. The 15 make ups are going from really subtle to more bold, but they are never outrageous. Barely coloursd lips through lush wine colored mouths, and very naturel eyes through deep smoldering smokey looks and they come in a version A and a B where B has a  slightly heavier version of the make up. There are demos available for all skins and they are really worth trying out on your shape.

Like the face, the body is pixel smoothness. The breast shading is quite subtle, and therefore the boobies wil look great even if you pump them up to, let’s say, a whopping 85 (for your reference… Grazia’s slider cup is a modest 42). I find that with heavier shaded breasts, the larger cups will often look pretty stretched and tortured (especially when the pilot seems to be oblivious of the possibility to add a little gravity to their… uhm… girls). As you can see, even though this body is all smooth and soft and feminine, it doesn’t lack detailing. There is a clear definition on the abdomen, and I really like the back of Moon. Lovely spine, cute bum. 

Is there anything I don’t like? Yes… sorry guys, usually there just is, although “not liking” is already quite strong an expression in this case since it has nothing to do with flaws at all, just a personal preference … Whereas you’ll never see me on a nude beach in RL, I’m really not a fan of tanlines in SL. and apparently Moon has been wearing a thong when she was sunbathing…. Other than that , this skin is just win!


PS, also check Ely’s blog for a preview on Iki’s Sun

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