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I woke up this morning to this new skin from sachi @ Adam ‘n Eve and when I tried her on the first time, I wasn’t feeling her on my shape, like I was not doing the skin justice (above pic) so I fiddled around a bit with my shape and used a mod to take the pics of the various make ups (below)

But then I went back to the original pic I took with my own shape on, and on second thought, I may like Hanako more on my own shape than on the modded one. Funny how fast you can get used to a certain look!

Go try Hanako for yourself, whether you want that Asian look, or let Hanako blend with your own shape, it’s yet another example of sachi’s talent as a skinner.

Visit Adam ‘n Eve

Ohter need to knows: hair Nydia by Truth, eyes Horizon by Ikon, Precious Bow choker by BOOM


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