Well, a lot has happened since I first met Hart Larsson, late December 2007. Not only have we become friends, he has also involved me intensively in the development of his skin lines. Sometimes he has driven me nuts, sending me proto type after proto type, beta after beta, with sometimes as much as 1 pixel difference from the previous… “But LOOK, Grazia…. I changed the collarbone…….” “Hart…WHAT did you change???” “aaaarghh…. that pixel to the left that annoyed me, of course!” Uhm.. yeah…  <chuckles> Luckily I often got my revenge, sending him back to the drawing board over a pixel or 2 as well, which must have driven him crazy at times… we’re both not easily satisfied I suppose.  The result is that I do strongly identify with PXL Creations skins, I have seen them come to be from the very first upload, til the end result and I know them like…well.. I know them like my RL skin.


So for Grace, the upcoming release at PXL Creations, I thought it might be fun to share some of the beta’s from the whole drawing process. Some, because like I said before, I think I have over 30 of them, all slightly different. To the far right there is the first beta that can actually be determined as an early Grace which Hart sent to me mid November. As you can see, she  has no eye brows yet, and still has the mouth of old Crys for the time being. The second (I think it’s v12 or 13 in the whole process) got me all excited. Not only did she get her own lovely mouth, but Hart gave her freckles…body freckles… tiny, lovely, girly freckles all over the completely re-modeled body. I should also tell you that Hart likes to play with belly buttons… I think in the process of creating Grace, he has shown me about 8 different navels, not to mention all the other changes he kept making to the body.

The third beta in this photo is the first one he sent me with a make up test. He was still fiddling with the mouth, adding highlights and texture to give it more depth. By then we are in January.  The development process of Grace got interrupted several times, for the holidays, but also to help out and make a special for Heart of Love, which basically was a mix of Linda and Grace, and later being asked to contribute to the Digital Alchemy event from Rezzable, which  brought Efe to the grid before Grace was finished. But the 2nd skin from the left is the final nude face for Grace. By then Hart finally was happy with her, and I coudn’t think of another pixel that I would prefer to see in a different position. That was about a week ago.

From then for Hart started the tedious work of adding all the make ups, the different brows (black/red-brown and blonde) and the freckles, of which you see a sample to the left (dark eyes and the new flamenco lips). The photography of the vendors, which is something that I used to do for him on occasion, but thanks to my crap computer is not feasible at  this point and of course the creation of all demos, which is a chore that he hates. Yesterday Hart was loading vendors, so I think that somewhere later this week, if RL permits, Grace will be released.


The body has had about as much stages from that very first beta which I have shown above til the skin which you will be able to wear in a bit, but I’ll just show you the final one. Like I said, all too often it was a matter of a pixel, or 2 from one beta to another, also based on the feed back of people like Shelby and Dafne, who are so involved as well and who are known for their honest feed back and great suggestions. The difference from one beta to another was often hard enough to detect when wearing the skin, let alone on a  photo. But, I do think the result is stunning. Am I biased? Probably. But I have seen, tested and reviewed may skins since I first started blogging and Grace just fits Grazia like a glove.

0 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. I could not agree more, Grace is perfect on you ^^
    Great post btw, seeing all the phases of creation of Grace here is impressive…
    Hart really did a wonderful job!

    p.s. thank you 🙂

  2. I was at PXL yesterday and saw Hart on my radar, after Zooming around, I found him on the roof, in GRACE!! *giggles* As a Crys freckle devotee, I have to say, I eagerly look forward to trying Grace… especially because well, maybe its named after my middle name LOL

  3. lol Elu, lately i’m in woman aspect every time… i’m so lazy to change aspect (shape&skin) every time so i keep the female aspect and goes around lol.
    Ty also to Dafne that help me a lot for create the so perfect and fresh face with her little hints and suggestions 🙂
    Ty grazia for this post… only the face keep lot of releases while the body is also more complex and have triple times the version because i’m so perfectionist and never satisfied of my things lol


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