Free Speerit Skin Comparison



Free Speerit skin comparison, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Another brand that people who are not really into it complain over that “they look all the same” is Free Speerit. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I decided to post a comparison of the faces of the latest Dutch Touch skins? Well, I’ve decided to do the same with the currently available skins at Free Speerit, because I think Desidelia Vella is one of the more talented skinners in SL who puts in a lot of effort to make a highly realistic, yet smooth skin… not to mention some of the best bodies on the grid.

No seriously… if you ever want/need to get nude… Free Speerit has gorgeous bodies!!

Anyway… from left to right, there is Alice. One of the older skins of Desi, which were available already before she went on hiatus last year. Then she came back with the smashing Kimberly, whom she gave an entirely new body as well as a more sensual face (compared to alice, who is fresh, and more girly). Then she all surprised us with Fiona, a drop dead gorgeous dark skin. More of an Asian than an African dark if you ask me… maybe because there are a lot of yellow tones in the skin, and I have sen a lighter version which Desi may or may not want to put out eventually… I sure hope she will, because it’s just lickable. The discussions I have with Desi, most of the time are about the saturation level of the skin tones… whereas she tends to more saturation, like in Kimberly, I prefer a more desaturated skin tone, and I’ve found that in the Katherine pale skins. Yet another beautiful face, with a lovely bone structure, a bit sharper than Kimberly, more contrasted if you want to. And then I grabbed Elizabeth from the pay what you want wall, which is so pale, its almost translucent. And with the red lips… it’s a very dramatic look (you also get a blood crying version). But as you can see all skins have clearly the Free Speerit signature… but they don’t look the same.

All but Alice have tintable eyebrows and Fiona and Katherine also have a tintable hair base!

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