Last Sunday Roslin and CJ re-opened their sim with a smashing Casino Royal themed party with lots of goodies on the TOS compliant roulette table. Even though my crappy and very lag sensitive computer made moving hard for me, I had a great time. No wonder, because the party took place in the newly build shop. It’s only a few weeks ago that CJ outdid himself on the railway station, which I loved and hate myself for not taking a good series of photos of it while I could, but this new build is truly grand. CJ got inspired by the Raffles hotel in Singapore, which in hospitality business is still an icon. I really think CJ is one of the most amazing builders in SL. This new build does also justice to the new location, as the sim was moved next door to Tropical Orchid, Nicky Ree’s sim. These talented content creators are neighbours now and we can probably expect some nice collaborations in the future.

On the occasion of the re-opening of Fleur (formerly Tête à Pied) Roslin and CJ released a new skin in their Boutique series: Shouju. A high quality, no seams, no blotchy details anime inspired skin that you’ll also love if you are not into anime/manga or that kind of stuff. Comes in 2 light skintones, the porcelain Lily and the slightly pinker Lotus and in 6 delicious make ups. The body is everything you may expect from Fleur skins. OK. just wanted to share this with you before I run off to work and drag myself into my every morning traffic jam. XOXO

PS sorry for the poor lighting on the body.. I just could not get it right last night

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