Fleur Allure: Back Details


Alt, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

So here is another one of the photos that I have been taking with the new Fleur skin. This photo is hardly touched. I have created the softness with in-world lighting and glow. Ok.. I retouched the buttocks, as they tend to look so edgy when you sit (and added the cast shadow)

But what this is about is not discussing photoshop techniques. It is to show you the details of the back of Allure. This skinline is fully hybrid, and showing more photorealism than previous Fleur skins. I think this back is so pretty, with the delicate spine and the shoulderblades so beautifully done. Oh, and did I mention I positively adore the dimples?

Allure will be available as of Sunday 19 October noon slt.

Hair by Truth (Deux), Earrings from Kraftika (No 130) , Tattoo from Marly’s (Man Ray)

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