Finally, Kate!


It must have been late November that Hart Larsson from PXL Creations passed me a beta of his Kate skin and ever since it’s been one of my fave skins. I stopped wearing it on  the blog because, well, a teaser is ok, but how long was I going to tease you?? Hart didn’t show any sign of releasing Kate anytime soon, so there she was, being beautiful in my inventory 🙁

But, waiting is over, well almost! PXL Creations will launch Kate in the shop sometime this week!

For every single  base skin you get:
freckle/no freckle skin
3 body styles with normal breasts, pushup- and small breasts effect
3 eyebrows colors: Light , Medium & Dark
hair bases on tattoo layers

Kate will be available in 6 skintones (pic unedited)

You buy the base skin, and then you can purchase additional make ups, so you can combine to your heart’s content.

Just a reminder, how a skin will look on you is very much depending on your shape, so always try a demo first!

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