Exodi's Dael (And a Skin Sale)


Last week, Ryker Beck from Exodi released her latest skin line Dael. I have used this skin already in various looks and love it, but I still had these pics… so here’s a Dael only post.

What’s to love:

  • the smoothness! No seams on this skin (at least, no disturbing ones)
  • the breasts. Seriously, Ryker makes some of the nicest tatas on the grid, and personally I love the larger nipples
  • the tush. Beautifully shaded, firm and round… just like you’d want it to be in RL, right?

What’s to debate:

  • with some of the lipsticks, the white highlight around the mouth is quite strong and can have the milk moustache effect
  • uhmmmm… well, actually… that is my only serious point of critique for this skin

Yesterday Ryker announced a massive sale on her older skin lines:

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  1. Another “What’s to love” about Exodi skins: the musculature. Legs, stomach, back, even a hint in the arms — Exodi makes women look toned and defined, and so few women’s skin designers bother to do that.

    There’s also a lot of strength in Ryker Beck’s faces. These are not the faces of dainty waifs — these are strong women.

    Exodi will always have a place in my heart as the skin that completely changed the look of my avatar for the better, after years in too-expensive skins that just didn’t suit me.

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