Eva w.i.p. from Kira Paderborn


When Kira Paderborn sent me her first skins for testing and reviewing, I saw a nice one, but with still a lot of issues to work out. So instead of blogging them I drafted a notecard with my feed back, asked Kira if she’d appreciate receiving it and sent her my comments. And then I heard nothing, and thought I maybe had come across too harsh with my critiques. Until earlier today,  when Kira contacted me, telling that she had been working like 18 hours per day since her first one came out on a new skin, and that she thought she had pretty much adressed all the feed back that I had sent her… and OMG, the skin which for now goes by the name of Eva is so much better than the previous one! No more smudgy body parts, everything well blended, a mouth that is well defined and oh so kissable, just a few minor seams to smoothen out in the process of finishing the skin. I just had to take a photo of it to share on the blog. It is post processed, but not heavily photoshopped.

Big kudos for you, Kira… this one is going to be a stunner!!

NB: skin is not released yet, it is a beta and may change before its release.

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  1. Whilst I still object to all caps comments, I totally understand your enthusiasm, and concur that it’s at least a must try (ya know, there are always people who will have to tweak their shape to fit another than their usual skin, and who will ardently refuse to do so) 😉

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