Eva by Kira Paderborn


Sometimes I think being a fashion blogger is one of the most gratifying things to do. NO!…It’s not about the free stuff. I buy most of the things I feature on my blog anyway. The cool part of blogging is when someone send you their new stuff and you recognise quality, but also still a lot of work to be done, and the content creator is actually appreciative of  your feed back, uses it, and contacts you after a while with new content that is like so much better that you get the blog itch and shove aside a few RL things to take pics and blog.

That is what happened between me and Kira Paderborn. A few months ago she dropped me a pack of her first Envy skin for blogging or feed back, which was really cute, but had still so many issues, that I didn’t feel comfortable about blogging them. When I see flaws and issues, I won’t hide that on my blog, because it would be a buyer beware of sorts, but I don’t like to write about flaws… so instead I wrote my feed back and shared it with Kira, who without any doubt will have swallowed a few times at my critiques, but then decided to actually use it and start on a second skin. The work in progess I have shared with you a couple of weeks ago, and now Eva is ready! And I love the final result… so feel free to click the pic here below to get a preview of all the make ups and skintones!

Click here for a preview of the make ups and skin tones
Click here for a preview of the make ups and skin tones

I’ll add the NSFW body pics after I get back from work later today. But let me finish with telling you that Eva will be released on Friday, September 25 in Kira’s shops Shapes by Kira and Corrupted Innocence, and then also at the skin/shape expo which will start on the 26th.

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