Elle, New @ Belleza


[update] I could not resist and went back to get some of the mocha skins as well… I know, I’m bad…

A couple of days ago Felicity asked me about my preferences for Belleza’s new skin Elle… there was going to be a lighter, and also darker skin tones than before, and options for eyebrow colors. Now while I am always chameleoning… one day the palest of pale, and the next day a deep cocoa skin, I was thrilled to see the new pale skin from Belleza with the blond brows.  When I woke up today, it was there… Elle. Now I’m a truly happy girl when I can put on some new skin, and Tricky’s are always a pleasure to me. Slightly saturated, but never over done, seamless for about 99%, with a very pleasant body shading and the right amount of contrast, cured nails and feet and a wide range of make up which are never in your face and always stylish.

Ok… get ready for picture overload, because this skin comes with 20 make ups (0-19)

Visit Belleza skins to try the demos.

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