Dutch Touch skins


Dutch Touch skins, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

[update] ok… the 2nd from the right of course, is NOT Dune, that’s Cleo!! So far for late night editing… *shakes head*

The other day, I heard someone saying that the various Dutch Touch skins looked all the same… so I figured I’d put them all next to eachother so the differences can be seen.

I don’t think they all look the same at all. Yes there are similarities, which I think is normal, considering they are mostly hand drawn by the same creator, but they all have different characters.
Forest was the first of the new series of skins, and has a sweet, yet – compared to the later skins- a slightly less sophisticated face.
Dune was smashing, a very bold and strong look, pouty, a bit bratty and with eyebrows that stirred a lot of people.
The comments on Dune tickled Iki to create Mauve, still pouty, but in my opinion less bratty, because she changed the mouth and made new, more groomed eyebrows.
And then she released Cleo, which is also the biggest release, with her pipo, pip and punk series as well as a huge collection of “normal” make ups. The mouth is very different from Mauve and Dune, and also the nose and over all face shading has been altered.
The latest for now, River, is a culmination of sweetness for me, the mouth is smaller again than on Cleo, but friendlier than on Mauve and softer than on Mauve and Dune. River has also proved to be easier on a lot of different shapes than her sisters.

Ok, that’s it for now… xoxo!

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