Dutch Touch Jolie: So Pretty


Jolie, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Last night Iki Ikarus released the full batch of Jolie skins over at Dutch Touch. The Pip make ups were released earlier this week, and now there are more traditional make ups available as well. I know I’m repeating myself, but since Iki keeps amazing me with her mad skills, yes, this is the loveliest skin she has ever made. Jolie is available in 5 skin tones and 16 make ups per skin tone (and then all the options, 3 eyebrows, freckle/moles and normal cleavage/push up effect)

Below I’m showing you some unprocessed samples of the 5 skintones and some make ups.

0 thoughts on “Dutch Touch Jolie: So Pretty”

  1. I lovee this skin and your blog is AWESOME! 🙂
    I’m wondering what shape did you use to make it look like that?


  2. Hey Pam, thanks for your comment! I use my own shape for all skin reviews, but sometimes I do some minimal tweaking. For Jolie, I didn’t have to adjust a single slider though.

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