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Lion Jonesford from Lionskins likes to do collabs, likes to be challenged by the work of designers to make skins, matching skins and designs, sometimes with outrageous make ups, or, like this time, with a plethora of dollfaces. These pretty faces are all unique, and also the skin tones may vary, but they are all flawlessly smooth and  cute.

Lion has a history as an airbrush artist, and it shows. She puts all kinds of  funny details in the skins, not just in the faces, but sometimes also in the body. I love the “cracked” skin (no. 5), second row, second from the left,   but also the crying doll (no. 4), same row, in the middle. Mind you, I’m wearing the same eyebrow shape with all the skins, Lion redesigned the brows for the crying face. Some of these dolls are a bit dark, emo or goth, others just plain lovely, but they are all fun to play with.     (body shots after the cut)

dollhouse body front dollhouse body back

No skin review without also some attention for the body.  Even though yes, this skin is probably all about the face, the body has not been forgotten. It’s well blended, and I have not discovered any seams worth mentioning. My pet peeve with skins is when there is no smooth transition between the head and the upperbody texture. Unless really obscenely visible, I can live with a lot of seams if the face is good,  but the head/torso problem, no.  You can’t camouflage that, unless wearing a scaf all the time (and you won’t believe how many skins I’ve demo’d having that problem… check your skin collections, you’re likely to have some too), but that’s NOT an issue with the Dollhouse skins. I love the back of these skins. beautiful spine, lovely bum. Personally I’d like to have seen the nipples slightly more detailed, in comparison with the rest of the skin, but that’s personal preference.

The dollhouse skins sell at 800 L$ for a single, which in my opinion makes them really affordable to have as fun skins in addition to your default skin.  Oh, and in case you wonder and find it necessary to start IMming me in world again (you know who you are) … I bought mine as well.

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