Curio April 2, Bluebell


April 2 Bluebell face options, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Gala Phoenix has made a second series of her succesful April skins, and although tempted to get another really reasonably priced fatpack, I contained myself *pets own shoulder* and stuck to Bluebell. The main reason for this is the the only thing that I really have an issue with as far as Gala’s skins are concerned, and that is the annoying difference between the face colour and the rest of the body. It makes me look like I stopped applying a foundation that is a shade or 2 too light for my skin, right up my jaw, instead of letting it fade out in my neck (aside from the error to want to apply a foundation that is too light, period) But ok, that put aside for the to die for doll faces I can’t refrain from wanting to have at least one or two from her releases.

For 1000L$ a skin, Gala offers quite a choice: 2 shades per skin tone, 2 versions of the make up, and freckles options for all 4, making a grand total of 8 skins per single pack.


For the body, Gala follows the current trend of more saturation and contrast, but in her skins it does not lead to the oil effect that seems to rule the grid these days. Curio’s skins are actually pretty soft and feminine, not in your face, but with a great attention for detailing. I think I’ve always liked Gala’s breasts best, also in her old skinline (which were the fist I ever bought) and also in April, they are just lovely.


Other need to knows: Fuentes hair in wheat by Autumn Hykova @TinyBird, Eyes by Ryker Beck @ Genesis.

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