Cupcakes: Daydream

click the picture for a slideshow with all available skin tones
click the picture for a slideshow with all available skin tones

Yes, there are definitely some skin makers around who have my special attention whenever they release a new skin line. Rosemary Galbraith & Mimi Coral are definitely among them.  I found Mimi’s skins early in my SL and have worn them ever since, and when Rosemary came out with her first skins, I was smitten with the cute faces. Ever since they teamed up, they have been diligently enabling my skin addiction with tons of make ups and vast ranges of skin tones. The latest in their collection is Daydream, in a whopping 11 (!) skin tones and so far 15 make ups and a bare version. They have tintable eye brows, so you can easily adjust them to your hair color of choice and there are freckles as well. The body has evolved massively since they released their Celebrity skin earlier this year. The body base, I think, is still the Celebrity base, but all of the hardness has disappeared, and the body now looks soft and feminine and very, very pretty!  Check the slideshow, there are some body shots as well!

Did I mention Cupcakes usually has great deals on their fat packs? A single skin retails for 1000L$, but the fat packs of 10 are 3k and the 5pack is 1750 L$! Not to mention the special prices on some skins and the frequent bogo and/or card sales that are randomly held and announced in the Cupcakes update group.

Other stuff: I’m wearing Fusemenlon’s Ladybug shirt, and Truth’s Madison hair in espresso.

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