Coming Soon: Infinity Skins


A couple of months ago Anyka Bekkers of Blowpop called out for beta testers for her new skins. I’ve always liked Annyka’s approach to skins, but unfortunately, her skins never fitted me well, so the times I have been seen in public wearing hers, add up maybe to 4… 5 times?  With the betas I already noticed a difference in the way the skins looked on me. More friendly, less spoiled… I gave her a ton of feed back and then… nothing. Every now and then on Plurk I read how Anyka decided to rebrand and was looking for a new name, and a new style for her vendors and shop… but no release in sight. Until last night, when she dropped a preview pack on her beta testers with not one, not two, but three new skinlines!  And they look good on me!!!!

So far every skin comes in 3 skintones, with 6 make ups and hair base/ho hair options. Meet Ava, Carmen and freckleface Elizabeth:




Ava, Carmen and Elizabeth share their body, which is pretty well textured althoughI did spot a couple of  seams in less visible places. I really like the abdomen on these skins, as well as the knee pits and the shading under the buttocks. The weaker things in this body, at least for me, are the highlighted nether half of the breasts (I’d expect the upside to catch more light) and the vagina, which looks quite dark to me and rather, uhm, prominent. 


Anyway, Annyka wrote she’ll be releasing these lovelies somewhere next week, so keep an eye out for an announcement on her blog: and definitely go try demos!


I’m wearing Insolence’s Barbara lingerie, and Maitreya’s Brown Verve pumps, as well as SLink’s Lorelei hair.


PS: photography of the faces was done in-world with Codie’s filtercam.

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