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This beauty is soon to be released at Glam Affair, and Aida has been putting in a few extras for you girls, so you can personalize this skin even further!! It’s been a while since I posted pics of every option on a skin, but yeah, what can I say… Glam Affair is one of my favorite skin brands, so stick around with me while I share the pics, k?

First, here are all the fabulous make ups! 12 in total, and if you have bought Glam Affair skins before, you know that you also get the “clean” skin with your purchase (shown above, with a freckle layer). If you have never bought Glam Affair before: Ladies, you get the clean version of the skin with any make up you buy, so it’s a good deal!!! Also, this time around there are 6 (!) eyebrow options.

Now on to the options. Skin whores LOVE options! 

All on tattoo layers, there are 2 lashes for you to chose from and if you like your skin to show a little more definition, there is a tattoo layer for that as well. Also, and this is new for Glam Affair, there are 3 different noses. No need for plastic surgery, just put on your nose tattoo of choice 🙂

Then there are 3 different freckle layers, from subtle to seriously freckled! Personally I love option 2, so I’ll be wearing that one a lot. And last but not least, 3 different lip gloss layers, or rather, 2 glosses and one matte.

Before I hit publish, maybe you would just like to know that Glam Affair has recently released hand and feet appliers that work with SLink’s mesh hands and feet, so if you hate having to tint your limbs, you can get an easy color match with your Glam Affair skins now!

Stay tuned, Cleo will be released soon!!

Other need to knows: Hair by Exile, eyes by Ikon, cotton lingerie Heart On by DCNY

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