Coming Saturday to Ispachi: Audrey


You may have seen a teaser here and there already of this new skin which will be released this weekend at Ispachi. Diarmud and Andred are well known for their quality male skins and after their Portia skin at the skin fair, they now have Audrey ready to hit their shop… and your inventory.

When I first tried Audrey on, I immediately liked the skin on my shape. It’s a classic looking skin, with a beautifully shaded, soft looking body, with a hint of  rib cage  and pretty breasts. Also the knees and the calves look very good to me. There is always room for improvement, and in my opinion, the hand palms could use more work (they look somewhat dirty, especially on the lighter skintones) and the bum… it looks somewhat masculine to me. I miss some soft- and fullness there.

Audrey will be available in ( I believe) 6 skin tones, and If you hate the orange in all the SL skins, you will love these, since the skin tones tend to be somewhat desaturated, which  I like a lot, especially in the darker skin tones.  There are light brows included in the lighter skin tones, to accommodate the blondes, redheads and lighter brunettes among us. Also  there are hair base versions (dark) and cleavage options for this skin.

Above image is, although just barely, photoshopped. The make up samples below are totally untouched, shot with Caliah’s windlight setting and without any in world shadows active (pale & ebony shown).

Keep an eye out for the blogs on Saturday when Ispachi will release Audrey. It’s really worth a demo!

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