Cleo @ Dutch Touch

Click photo for all the make ups
Click photo for all the make ups

I might as well make Saturday my skin blog day, because I have an inventory full again. I just never get bored with the skills and creativity of skinners who go through a lot of  trouble and effort to really make their skins from scratch, and not -like you see often these days- slap a make up bought on XStreet onto an Eloh or Sezmra base.  Personally I’m a fan of drawn skins, but I certainly admire the blending skills of those who mix (legit) photo source material into their own handwork and make it look good. Anyway, I’m rambling, and this post is really about a spotlight on Cleo, the latest skin in the ever increasing collection at Dutch Touch.

Cleo is more malleable to a wider variety of shapes than the previous skins Iki made. Whereas Dune and Mauve for a lot of people would require massive shape tweaking, Cleo will fit you easier.  She comes in 3 skintones and 10 make ups (plus 2 brow versions and freckles!). If you like a soft, feminine skin, Cleo is one to consider.

(Lingerie Dolores, by Insolence; Hair Genie, by Trruth)

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