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On March 14, Skin Fair 2014 will be opening, bigger than ever, now on 3 sims and also allowing make up creators on the premises!

Over 120 creators are working their creative arses off to bring you their latest in the skin business. I am grateful that the blogger group I am part of has early access so that I could snoop around while people are still setting up and grab some demos because there really is SO MUCH TO SEE!

I think I am just going to share all the demos I picked up in here because honestly, I will need to make some serious choices of which skins I am actually going to purchase. Normally I don’t do demos on my blog, but I will have to make an exception for this event because I simply cannot afford buying all of it!

These are by no means all the ” interesting” skins. There really is something for everyone, but I limited myself to picking up demos of skins I might actually want to wear.
I must admit one thing though, and it makes me a bit sad. I saw so many skins around where I spotted uncanny resemblances to existing skins of well known brands and it makes me reluctant to try and/or blog about these skins because, yeah… not comfy about it. And I honestly don’t know why (aspriring) skin makers keep buying full perm templates from the marketplace, because the majority of what can be bought there is absolutely shady. There is so much talent around, why not work a bit longer on something that is truly yours instead of running the risk that you get problems because you bought a template and don’t know how reliable the source is, or worse, not wanting to see how obvious the resemblance with existing succesful skins is. Anyway, I’m rambling so back to the demos!


Also, some shops had not set up yet as I did my rounds, so if you are wondering where some of the major brands are…. I have them, but I didn’t when I was shooting these. I am working on posts of the skins for later this week though!


Check the Skin Fair blog for the latest news and updates

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