Chloe by Exile


Last week Kavar Cleanslate released his newest skin at Exile, and I am really impressed. Well defined brows -in dark and light version-,  a cute nose and kissable lips (not to mention some very alluring make up names!). The body has an overall softness that I also very much like. The breast shading is a wee bit angular, I would prefer them more round, but they do not look like silicone implants, which is an absolute plus.

I love the back and the bum on this skin, for the softness I mentioned before, but compared to that, the hands are pretty detailed, and while in themselves they look fine, they do not match the softness of the rest of the skin. Anyway, that’s just a minor point of criticism, and certainly no dealbreaker! Chloe comes in 5 skintones which are looking pretty fine, though personally I like Chloe best in the lighter skintones.

Before buying any skin, please remind to always try a demo. The way a skin will look on you highly depends on your shape.

Other need to knows: hair Kylie by Exile, bikini by Simone (it was the first one I ever bought, I don’t know if it’s still availale.

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