Chai Nova: Zombarella


Chai Nova: Zombarella, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Launa made some awesome zombie versions of her Chai Nova skins for Zombiefest. in 3 undeathly decayed skintones, and in a bloody and an ermmm.. less bloody version. Personally I totally dig how the blood drizzles over the chin in the bloody version aaaaargh….. *runs of her life*

Other stuff: The eyes are from Toast Bard and came with the head off skin and the top is from Miel. The lovely messy hair is Jenna, from Exile

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  2. Actually, not that much off topic. The Zombiefest is a charity event to raise funds for the Red Cross and the Thyphoon Ondoy relief. I’m sorry that you find the community being all about commerce now, because it is certainly not my experience. I find the community extremely generous when it is about giving and caring about people in need. Large fund raisers like SLRFL raise over 250k USD, smaller events easily make a couple of thousands. But that is not reached with just putting out some posters, and getting the word out. SL being the environment that it is, there need to be events to draw people’s attention and that requires a steady group of dedicated volunteers.

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