Chai Nova Chairis


I’ve blogged Launa Fauna’s Chai Nova skins before, they are lovely skins with great bodies in a smashing 9 skin tones. For Vanity Universe’s skin fair she has released her newest make ups Chairis. This line is all about the lips, strong, glossy colours, with relatively demure eye make ups. Chai Nova skins come in a normal and a freckled version, there is a cleavage enhancer on the underwear layer available, for those who want the push up effect. The wonderful think about Launa’s skins is that the lips are tintable. You can adjust and mix within the possibilities to personalise your lipstick, or to match it with that special outfit.


Other assets: I’m wearing Truth’s Penelope in Ivory, lingerie from WTW, shoes from Shiny Things and eyes from PXL Creations


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