Meet Cassiopea, the beautiful new skin by Glam Affair. With the release of Cassiopea, Aide Ewing has raised her bar for skin creating. Not only another beautiful face, but also a completely new body as well as all new skintones!! I know that the slightly desaturated skintones that Glam Affair had before didn’t please everyone, so you will be happy with the newness!
Also, the above pic is processed, but the ones below, are raw from SL, except for putting them in a frame. Quite a difference, no?

Skintone and make up samples

I love to compare new skins with previous lines, so, here is a side by side from Giselle and Cassiopea.

I think what stands out most (aside from the more vibrant skin tone) are the new collar bones, which I know was another issue that many people had with Glam Affair skins. Yup, another reason to go try on this one, if you have not done so with Aida’s previous skins.

Time to put in  a modesty cut, if it will work, because especially when you read this from a feed, it may not actually put in a cut here, but fair warning, full frontal nudity ahead for a body comparison!!

Dimples!!! Do you see? I love them!! The body just looks better over all, softer, still pretty toned, but less, err, fierce, if you know what I mean?

Yet another beautiful skin to chose from. I think i really need to clean out my 2010 and older skins now, chances are very small I will ever wear those again anyway.

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