Cassia @ Creation JP and Summerfest ’14

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The above versions of Cassia, by Glam Affair, are available in Arctic and Asia at a new little event called Creation JP, which is dedicated to some of the finest Japanese designers on the grid, with the addition of some of just the best creators all around. Cassia fits me like a glove “instant me”. I’m wearing it with Tableau Vivant Viking hair, which is currently available at The Fantasy Collective, and the Embelished Ruffle collar from Glam Affair’s Amberly Boccaccio.

At Summerfest ’14, which has just started and where I have been trying to TP to ever since (!), Glam Affair has 3 more skintones of Cassia out, in America, Jamaica and India. Altough I am usually not wearing very tan skin, India is so gorgeous that I decided to pick that tone to shoot the make ups in. I’m wearing it with Exile’s After the Rain, which is also out at Summerfest ’14


Taxi to Creation JP
Taxi to Summerfest ’14 (please wait till I have been 😛 )
Taxi to The Fantasy Collective

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