Candy is Out @ PXL Creations!!!


When months ago I tried on one of the first betas of Candy (back then just named, “beta 1.2 etc”)  I was smitten already with the lovely shape of the mouth.  Then RL took over, and months past til a couple of weeks ago, Hart Larsson sent me some make up samples… on a totally new and refined body and face for “beta”, now named Candy.  Candy comes in 2 skintones for now, Natural (worn) and sunkissed and 27 make ups each.  Each make up comes with 3 eyebrow options, and 2 cleavage options (push up on underwear layer and tattoo layer).

I will post a full review later, but for now, I just wanted to show you how pretty Candy is. This photo is basically unedited, except for some cropping and the adding of a border. I have, however been playing with windlight for this shot. You will find the natural skin slightly darker and more saturated with default light.

Other need to knows:  Daring arm- and finger wrap by alaMood, tattoo by HUZ-tats (not available), hair Maya (platinum) by I Love Olive.

SLurls are listed here

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