Meet the pretty new faces of Candace, Ryker Beck’s new skin. After a succesful release of her first skin Eden, Ryker started working from scratch on this new skinline. She made 4 skintones for Candace, which has a more mature look than most of the skins currently available, and for now there are 8 make ups available. I think that my favourite skintone is Apricot, but they are all lovely.




The body is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE improvement from the Eden line.  Ryker has pretty much tackled all seams, even those the notorious hard ones, like between the fingers, and there is a smooth transition between the textures of  the various bodyparts.  The body looks like it has a little meat on the bones, which  I really like. A toned belly, but absolutely feminine, if you know what I mean.. face it, we just have a little fat in that region. The back is strikingly beautiful. gorgeous shading, and my beloved dimples!  The feet remain still somewhat behind with the rest of the skin, but don’t let that stop you from falling in love with Candace.

Other need to knows: Hair by Maitreya, lingerie from Casa del Shai and shoes by Shiny Things.

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