Cana: in the making @ Lionskins


Cana, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

When a couple of weeks ago I was talking to Lion Jonesford from Lionskins about her Dollhouse skins, she mentioned she would send me a sample of her newest project, Cana when the body was finished. Yesterday she dropped the 5 skintones on me with the message that she was about to start making make ups. And would love my opinion on the skin so far. Well… what can I say… this is just a hell of a gorgeous skin, with the lips a bit on the plump side (I’ve tweaked my mouth for this photo… reduced the lower lip and made it generally a bit less full), but other than that, it fits like a glove.

Hope you like the photo, Lion… because I sure like your skins! Thank you for sharing it.

Other need to knows: hair Linda from Truth, Lingerie Caroline from Insolence, Rose from Ephemera Baroque on Xstreet, Furniture by Miabella Foxely @ The Loft.

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