Brooke, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Coming soon is Brooke, a new face at 5th & Oxford. Roslin is in the final stage of completing 2 make up sets for this pretty lady. Those of you who shop at 50L$ Friday may already have a sample of Brooke in your inventories. If you don’t… you really should consider next Friday, because often creators put out samples of upcoming releases. Cute idea huh?

Anyway, Brooke has a really pretty body, like you already know from Audrey and other skins that 5th & Oxford previously retailed under their former brand, but the face is a little bolder than what we knwo from them. This make up is fairly classical, but Roslin has been working on some really dramatic eyes as well.

For this pic, I decided to cleopatrify (neologism, yay) Brooke for this portrait, with the ultra sleek Fanny hair from Uw.St in Meteorite and the soon to be released Celestial choker in aged gold from alaMood. The top is from the GLAVA outfit @ Bijou.

SLurls can be found here.

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