Briar: out soon at Aura


It’s been a while since I did a full skin review, but Briar, the upcoming new skin from Tyr Rozenblum for Aura is certainly worth it. Briar comes in 6 skintones and a whopping 16 make ups and she’s so pretty!

About the body, I love the toned look of the torso. This girl works out! the skintones are neither ultra light, or going really dark, but still with 6 tones to chose from, it should accommodate a lot of people. Bum and breasts are nicely done, the lady parts come with a trimmed patch (default). Optional on Briar are freckles and push up effect (please, wear with bra only!!!)There are 16 make ups to chose from, some very natural and others a bit more dramatic. I can’t really pick a fave, they just all look very good. Every skin comes with 6 lipstick tattoos so you can personalise your make ups.

Pros: over all very pretty, pleasant shading of the body, great abs, and a plethora of make ups to chose from.

Cons (nah… not really, but I know you love a balanced review and there is always room for improvement): Only one eyebrow color (not matching the lady garden), nails could use a bit more work, no Brazilian wax option.

Verdict: LOVE, filed under Graz’s  “go to” skins

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