Bianca is the newest addition to the vast skin range that Adam ‘n Eve has to offer. Yet another sample of the mad skin skills of ms. sachi Vixen. Probably, what I like best about her skins, is the level of individuality that you get when wearing her skins. I have seen Bianca on a number of  avatars now, but every time, she looks totally different. Many skins have very dominant shading, overriding one’s shape and basically making a clone out of everyone wearing it, but this skin basically works with your shape instead of forcing its look upon you.

Bianca comes in several skintones with some awesome make ups and with several SL 2.0 tattoo options for things such as freckles and hair bases.

This is one of  the skins I can continue to tell you how beautiful she is, but truth is, it will look so different on you, that you really need to go try a demo for yourself!

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