Belleza for The Arcade (starts June1)

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Look at gorgeous Ellie! She will be available at the next edition of The Arcade which will take off June 1. Belleza is one of the MANY participants this time, and honestly, I am a bit worried about the amount of lag that will come from all those gatcha scripts. This edition is significantly bigger than the previous ones, so do yourselves and the other gatcha maniacs a favor… don’t add to the lag with a lot of scripts of your own…. dig up the old system clothes, go barefoot (no mesh feet!) and waddle like a duck sans AO. It’s for a good cause, people! You’ll be trying to get in for a long time before succeeding. You don’t want to crash once you get there and have to start all over!

Anyway, I’m rambling… take a look at the gorgeous make ups that Ellie comes in, and put some L$ aside to hit those machines when you can!


Other need to knows: hair by Magika, eyes by Ikon, bikini by ColdLogic

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