Belleza: Alyson makeups & skintones

I just wanted to quickly share the beautiful make ups and skin tones for Belleza’s Alyson with you. Tricky’s skins have been a steady presence in my favourite skins folder since Bella came out, and this one is yet again more pretty and sexy. The only wish I have left for Belleza skins is a pale which is REALLY pale (not goth pale, but just the “I never sit in the sun”, diaphanous pale. Other than that, it’s l.o.v.e.
Alyson comes in 5 skintones and a whopping 15 make ups (and a base one). All skins come with and without a hairbase and optional push up cleavage. Alyson has only one eyebrow option, which may be an issue for the really light blondes, but personally, I’m fine with the neutral brown brows.
I think Tricky makes indeed some of the most pretty, subtle freckles (not an option… they are standard) and did I mention he makes the best glitter eyeshadow ever since Starley Thereian started her SL hybernation?
Other need to knows: I’m wearing Truth’s Patrice hair, PXL Creations grey/gold eyes and HUZ tats royal henna tattoo.

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