Bella di Notte: Charli


It’s not that long ago since I discovered Lille from Bella di Notte, but the sweet face has become one of my favorites in SL. So when I got a notice that Bella di Notte has now also a location at Le.Look and  a Le.Look exclusive. I headed over to go get it. To my surprise and joy, I also found out that there is a new skin out, Charli, with an equally darling, but slightly more mature face than Lille. I mean, look at that picture!

The over all shading is pretty, but it’s not a flawless skin. There are some visible seams that could be blended better. But all in all, I’m sure this will be one of my frequently worn skins again. Check the image below for the skintones and available make ups/options.  The Le.Look exclusive is a series of lipstick tattoos btw.  Depending on your shape a skin might look different on you than it does on me, so be sure to try a demo before you buy.

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