Beauty: raising the bar yet again @ Adam 'n Eve


With the first skins of the Evolution line, sachi Vixen, (skin)designer at Adam ‘n Eve, has proven yet again that she’s by no means static, and still developing as a designer. With Evolution she shows that she has mastered the art of making flawless skins with high photo realism, which, although the grid is flooded with photoreal skins, is still an art. Check her skins for seams, or smudges… you won’t find them. After “Man Month” April, in May she’s back with yet another treat for the girls: Beauty. sachi, a blonde herself, told me that with all the skins she has been making, she had not yet done a real blonde one and that Beauty was about to fill that gap. I’ve had the pleasure of beta-ing Beauty, so I’m pretty familiar with her by now, but my initial reaction was that I thought she was gorgeous, and I only think so more now.

Beauty is available in 8 make ups. When sachi asked me about make up suggestions I could only beg her to keep it subtle. Shimmery  glosses, hints of eye shadows, touches of colours… but please do not cover this beautiful face under harsh eyeliners, and bold colours. It would make her more “in your face” maybe, but it would also rob her of her Grace Kelly like elegance and chique. Thank goodness sachi shared my opinion on make ups, so all 8 of them, while still colourful and distinct, all have a transparent character… not covering Beauty, but merely underlining her.

Beauty comes in a bald version and with a hair base and also some attachments to make hairdos with the hair base. Now, I’ve never been a fan of those, not when Lost & Amby were doing them, and not now either. I either go bald, or with a hair base, or wear a full wig, thank you. But these are done well, they match the texture of the hair base really well, so if it’s your thing… I’m sure you’ll like these. Blonde only, because, well, yeah, like I said, Beauty is a natural blonde.

This natural blonde  is available in 4 skin tones. I’ll admit, I like the 2 palest best. The more tanned 3 and 4 are a bit too orange for my taste. But maybe it’s because my own tan tends to be more olive like, I really can’t tell.  Again, I think it’s personal. I see a lot of way more orange tans on very popular skins these days.  All the body details are lovely on this skin. Lots of attention has been given to the stomach and the back. Sachi has a way of making really nice  backsides. Her hands and feet are impeccable as usual.  Over all, for me this  is one of the best skins currently available… or rather… she wil be available shortly as sachi is planing to release her today.

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