Bare, Gorgeous, Glam!!


Jadis, French for “once” or “formerly” is the name of Aida Ewing’s  newest skin at Glam Affair and there is nothing historical or old about this skin.  Jadis is also the name of the Last Queen of Charn from The Cronicles of Narnia from C.S. Lewis. She was a villain… but there is nothing villain about this skin, either!

Actually, it looks pretty darn gorgeous on me, especially while still wearing the elven ears. It gives me something ethereal especially in the Yuki edition which is a special series of 3 skins in various options (among which this eyebrowless one, also blond and dark brows in the pack). Monica Outlander from Miamai has made a beautiful set of tattoos for the skin as well as some awesome hair pieces matching the skins frost white hairbase (optional). All in all a pretty awesome collab, I’d say.

Of course, the look of the skin will always be depending on your shape, so make sure to try a demo before you buy!

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