Angel face, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Funk Schnook @FNKY! has released a new skin. A Female one… Angel, and I love it. It’s a very pretty face, with a more than decent range of 12 make ups and she’s available in 2 skintones, Medium and Sunkissed. I’ve picked the lighter medium skintone. Each angel skin (L$ 1499) comes in version A and B and body 1 and 2. A&B are about the make ups… B being more intense than A, which is more of a day version of the make up. Body 1 and 2 are referring to the shading being softer on one and more defined on the other skin, giving her a slightly more toned look.


The body in either option is gorgeous, and has a glow to it that is in no way oily or exagerated. Angel comes shaved. If you want options, they are available separately (L$ 199). I’d prefer these options to be in the pack or to be complimentary. After all, the price of the skin is not so low that paying for extras is justifiable. But that’s really up to the creator. I can live without a landingstrip. So, gorgeous face and beautiful body… the only part that left me bit “meh” are the feet. They really lack the sophistication of the rest of the body. Maybe something to work on for future releases, because I sure hope there will be more skintones available in the near future, and generally more skins from Funk.

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