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I have been shopping appliers again. I sometimes wonder if I should blog head appliers exclusively because I have so much fun with them, but then again, there is so much more in SL than just pretty heads!
Anyway, the first one up here is Hara by YS&YS. It’s currently out at Shiny Shabby and comes in the usual YS&YS skintones. I am wearing no. 2 and i love the skightly desaturated tone.
Like always from left to right, you see LeLutka‘s Aria, Ever Karin, Leda, Lotte and Stella with the same applier.  The hair in the Hara collage is Keira from Wasabi Pills, out at The Conquest and the prim and proper Sybil dress is from C’est la Vie (currently also available at Shiny Shabby)

Next is Alice from sYs. I picked this one up at Shiny Shabby, too. I didn’t demo it and at first, I cursed myself for it, because OMG, baggy eyes!!! but on second thought, I may be glad I didn’t demo because I would for sure not have bought it, and now, a couple of days later, this skin is growing on me. Yes, I look tired with it. Guess, what, with my annual leave coming up in a couple of weeks, I actually AM tired, so this face is pretty much reflecting my RL state. And other than the baggy eyes, I kinda love this skin for the non plastic look that many picure perfect faces in SL have. It’s actually a welcome change every now and then.  My hair in this pic is 42 from Analog Dog, my necklace is the Princess Dogtag by Mandala and I am wearing Blueberry‘s Sophia dress.

And then I managed to make it into Summerfest and I went broke and fell in love with the more than perfect Iza applier from Lara Hurley. Isn’t she just gorgeous with those freckles? Actually, there is a non freckles option on the HUD too, so if it’s not your thing, you can still love this face. But… gosh, I adore the freckles!! And Iza makes Leda (4th from the left) even look less of a spoiled brat!!
I am wearing here Olive‘s Sparkle hair, which will be out later today for N21 as well as Cae‘s Conquest necklace, out for The Conquest with Maitreya‘s Caia onepiece and Sabra kimono, both also from Summerfest!


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