Aden's Gen 5


One of the skins I’ve picked up at Vanity Universe’s skin fair is the new Aden. This is the 5th generation of Aden’s skin and the 2nd which I really like. I’ve chosen the tan pack, because I have a lot of paler skins lately, and oh well.. they just looked yummy.

This skin has some things I’m absolutely in love with. I love the mouth, and the shading of the breast muscle. Yup… I do… I’m weird like that. But whereas the overall body work looks very pleasant, upon close up there are a few issues. There are some visible seams and the private bits are placed somewhat uhm… high between the legs. This skin will not ever be successful as a hand model, because of the nails. On the other hand (no pun intended), I really like the clavicles and the bum is lovely and it’s just a really pretty face!!

Aden’s Gen 5 comes in 4 skin tones and 5 make ups each, and a normal, cleavage and cleavage + option. They retail for 950 L$ for a single skin. Definitely worth a demo.

Other assets: hair Lauren by Truth, lingerie by Dutch Touch

PS: I’m amazed at how well the lag is handled at the skin fair ground. I was there just now, there were 40+ avatars in the sim, I had my drawdistance set to the max, and everything rezzed fast and i was willing to move freely!! Kudo’s to Nadja and her team for this!!

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  1. thank you so much for your review!

    I will keep those issues in mind while creating my next skin!


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