Adam 'n Eve: Amanda Autumn


Adam ‘n Eve: Amanda Autumn, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I’ve briefly covered Amanda when I wrote about Adam ‘n Eve’s new skins for the skin & shape fair, but now Amanda is in the shop with 4 delicious autumn make ups (Berry, Fruity, Hazel & Ruby). I’m showing you skintone 2, there are 4 in total. I just went over to check out their rennovated skin section and couldn’t help but taking these home with me. The new skin shop is spacious. Previously it was huge but used to be a little overwhelming, because there were just so many different skins. Now Sachi has retired most of them, and the new lay out, with several niches for the various skin lines is such an improvement… Oh well, I’m rambling, I just wanted to share these pretty faces with you. The fat pack is yours for just 1800 L$ and comes with options… bewbage, freckles, hairbase, and all the mani/pedi for every make up.

I’m also wearing Truth’s Gabby hair in walnut, and Last Call’s Sally Trench dress (no longer available).

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